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Membership Types & Annual Dues

Adult Full Members $25
Adult Associate* Members $12.50
Youth Full Members $6.25
Youth Associate* Members - No Dues

Dues are payable in December of each year for the following calendar year. Dues for first time full members who join the club on or after March 1st are $2.50 per month through and including the following December. Dues for first time Associate adult members who join on or after March 1st are $1.25 per month through and including the following December. Youth full members who join on or after March 1st need not pay dues until the following December or their 18th birthday, whichever occurs first.
* Associate members are those who do not hold an FCC-issued Amateur Radio license or those who are licensed with a license address outside of Hawaii County. Associate BIARC membership is equivalent to full membership, but they do not have voting privileges at membership meetings.

Note: If your license address is not in Hawaii County or you do not hold a valid amateur radio license, then you may only join as an associate member.

Family Membership Discount

Dues are for individual memberships except that two or more related Adult Full Members living at the same address may choose to make a single dues payment of $37.50 per year. In this case, the name and type of individual membership for each family member must be specified at the time of payment.

BIARC Membership Application - PDF (Printable)

The PDF application may be completed online. Please save and email completed applications to BIARCTreasurer@gmail.com or print and mail to BIARC at the P.O. Box address listed below along with your payment.

You may click the 'Donate' button below and use the secure PayPal online payment gateway to join BIARC or renew your membership.

If paying online a 10% convenience fee is required.
Add $2.50 for full membership, $1.25 for associate membership, and $3.75 for a family membership.
Thank you for your membership in BIARC!

BIARC is a 501(c)(7) tax-exempt entity, supported by our members and volunteers. Please consider making a donation.

Note: BIARC donations are not tax deductable.
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