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Please see the "How do I get my license?" web page if you are new to amateur radio and do not know where to start.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, classes to prepare you for the FCC test are being held online via video conference. The following is a list of Zoom scheduled Amateur Radio classes, open to all interested students. The classes are based on the ARRL license manuals, required for the course. A student's only cost is their investment of time. Assigned homework is recommended. To register for a class send an email to the instructor, using the link below. There a limited number of books at a reduced cost to those that complete the course. Register early!

Scheduled 2021 Classes
Class Description Dates Date/Time in HST Contact
Technician 04/12-05/24 Mondays at 6pm Steve Kawamae, KH6WG
Technician To be determined To be determined Doug Wilson, KH7DQ
Technician 09/20-11/01 Mondays at 6pm Steve Kawamae, KH6WG

On-line testing to obtain or upgrade your FCC license is now being offered via video conference. Please see the website at register4exam (hameducation.org) for details.

FCC License Tests are also being offered by HERO.

BIARC is looking into alternative class and testing locations that would allow us to maintain social distancing, so please check back for further updates.

EMCOMM Training

(Note: Links to EMCOMM forms are at the bottom of this webpage.)

The Incident Command System (ICS) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS) courses are recommended for Amateur Radio operators who wish to volunteer to serve our communities during times of emergency. They are often listed as prerequisites for the other EC courses.

Course Number Course Title Offered By Venue

EC-001 (ARRL)

Introduction to Emergency Communication (EC-001)  ARRL Online 
EC-001H (Hawaii ARES) Introduction to Emergency Communications (Hawaii) Hawaii ARES Online / Various Modes
IS-100.c* Introduction to the Incident Command System, ICS 100 FEMA-EMI Online
IS-200.c* Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response (Updated verrsion of ICS 200) FEMA-EMI Online
IS-700.b* An Introduction to the National Incident Management System FEMA-EMI Online
IS-800.c* National Response Framework, an Introduction FEMA-EMI Online
EC-016 Public Service and Emergency Communications Management for Radio Amateurs (EC-016)  ARRL Online 
2021 SET Preparation

The ARES Simulated Emergency Test is generally held in October of each year. The summary of the 2020 SET results is posted under this link.
See the links below to review exercise plans from previous years.
SET-North Hawaii County Action Plan
SET-North Hawaii After Action Report
SET-South Hawaii Action Plan
SkyWarn 2019 SET Participation Letter & Details

ARES Statewide

* These courses will require that you register for a FEMA SID before you can take the final exam.

Links to Skywarn Forms: (Adobe PDF)

Hurricane Report / Severe WX Report

Links to ICS Forms: (Adobe PDF)

(These are links to documents Published on or downloaded from the FEMA Website.)

ICS 201 / ICS 205 (Comm Plan)ICS 205a (Comm List) / ICS 213 (General Message) / ICS 217A (Comm Resources) / ICS-309 (Comm Log)

Links to Hawaii County Civil Defense - ACS Forms: (Adobe PDF)

(These files are PDF versions of the on-line forms available from hawaiicert.org.)

ACS Forms for Winlink.
The Hawaii County Civil Defence Agency, Hawaii County Auxilliary Communications forms linked above are now part of the standard Winlink forms package. When launching a new Winlink message, choose the select template button at the top. On the templates manager screen, look under Standard Templates, HI State Forms, HCDA forms and select the appropriate form template as needed.

Note: The receiving station must have the current version of the ACS forms installed on their computer for the forms to display correctly. Please make sure to launch your Winlink software on a regular basis and update the forms whenever Winlink indicates that an update is available.

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