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Welcome to the Big Island Amateur Radio Club website. The mission of the Big Island Amateur Radio Club (BIARC) is to recruit, educate, and help committed Ham Radio operators carry on the traditions of amateur radio by using our network of technical resources and expertise to provide equipment, skilled operators, and emergency services when called upon in time of need and to assist and protect the citizens in the communities in which we live and serve. BIARC is dedicated to community service and providing education to the general public about the history, operation, functions, and benefits of the Amateur Radio Service. BIARC members adhere to the Radio Amateur's Code and are considerate, loyal, progressive, friendly, balanced, and patriotic.

How do I get my Amateur Radio License?
Our May 2024 club activity will be held on May 12th starting at 2:00 PM at the
Kamana Senior Center
127 Kamana Street
Hilo. HI
Sunday's Meetings will also be available through Video Link on Google Meet at
(Click the link. The meeting will appear as a new tab in your browser.  Click the 'Join Now' button. Allow it to use your Mic and Camera if asked.)


Next BIARC Activity:

Please join us on Sunday, May 12th at 14:00 HST. Sunday's activity is our Semi-Annual Club Membership meeting. At this meeting the officers will present reports on the state of BIARC, and the activities of our Committees. This meeting is your opportunity to provide input to our Executive Board on the activities and direction of BIARC. We will also be discussing the 2024 ARRL Field Day, to be held June 22nd, 2024.

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BIARC's Facebook Page.

BIARC YouTube Channel


Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®)

(To Join, click the 'Members' button on the right of the menu bar, and click 'Register New Member.')

Join the Hawaii ARES communications/discussion groups (Reflectors)


Hawaii County Civil Defense Auxilliary Communication Service Forms:

(Please print copies of these forms for practice and emergency use when telephone and internet service are unavailable)

HC CDA Situation Report (SitRep-Also used for damage reports.)

HC CDA Request for Assistance (RFA)

Note: The HC CDA forms are also available on Winlink:

1) From RMS Express, Click Message, New Message, and Select Template.

2) Open Standard Templates, HI State forms, and HCDA Forms.

3) Double-click the form you need to launch it in your web browser.

Hawaii VOAD
Community Organizations Active in Disaster
need your help.

If you are a licensed amateur radio operator who would like to assist organizations active in disaster with emergency communications, please let us know. We would like to pair you up with the volunteers at a group near to you, so that you may help them stay in touch when telephone and internet services are not available. See: Hawaii VOAD FAQ Sheet. .... [More Information]....

BIARC YouTube Channel (Club activities & Meetings)

BIARC Technet Recordings of Zoom Sessions. See the NH6ET Channel on YouTube.

See our BIARC Club Archive Page Page for a summary of past monthly activities and links to video recordings of our meetings on Zoom.

The next BIARC Executive Board meeting will be held in person at the Kamana Senior Center and via Zoom Video Conference on May 12th, at 12:00 HST. The club activity will follow at 14:00 HST.
If you have not yet joined the BIARC listserve, please send EMail to our secretary, Les Hittner ( and provide your name, call sign, and ask to be added. Note: It is recommended that you use an email address with a regular domain, NOT one that forwards or relays such as This way you will be able to send messages to the listserve as well as receive them. All BIARC Members and Big Island Amateur Radio operators are invited.
Our club call is KH6EJ. We are located on the eastern side of the Big Island of Hawaii. As we are on the island's windward side, it is also known as the "wet side". Anyone that has attended one of our functions would immediately understand, as rain is a normal part of most of our activities.

Our locators:

  • ARRL Region: 13
  • ARRL Pacific Section (PAC)
  • CQ Zone 31
  • Grid Square BK29
  • IOTA OC19
  • ITU Zone 61
  • ITU Region 2
  • State: Hawaii;   County: Hawaii

Before June 1975 our club was known as EARC-Hilo Branch, with the main branch being in Honolulu. The BIARC was incorporated in June 1975 but was unincorporated in July 1976. In August 1995 we received our current Hawaii State Incorporation. BIARC is a 501(c)(7) tax-exempt entity.

We participate in several group activities throughout the year. Please see our calendar of events for more information.

From Hawai'i, excepting a few other islands, it's somewhat over 2,300 miles to the nearest land. Of course, being near a saltwater ground plane has its benefits, but operating from here can still be a challenge!

ARES® is a registered mark of the American Radio Relay League, Incorporated, and used by permission.

BIARC is a 501(c)(7) tax-exempt entity, supported by our members and volunteers. Please consider making a donation.

Note: BIARC donations are not tax deductable.
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